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My Kid Has CP Censored Button
stop fucking staring

Profane Cerebral Palsy Awareness One Inch Pinback Button for Parents – My Kid Has Cerebral Palsy So Stop F-ing Staring


A one-inch pinback button for parents who are frustrated with people staring at their child with cerebral palsy. The actual button is not censored.

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Let’s get right to it – are you sick of people fucking staring at your kid because s/he has cerebral palsy? Then this one-inch pinback button is for you. “My kid has cerebral palsy…so stop fucking staring.” It also features a green ribbon for CP pride/awareness.

If you must, I do have a slightly less profane version that says “freaking staring,” but this is so much more blunt, don’t you think? If you want that version, make a note when you check out.

(When you purchase a cerebral palsy awareness pinback button from the Button Babe, your bonus button will be a second, identical button.)

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